Growth Trends In Retail Consumer Financing For 2017

Innovations in consumer financing creates growth opportunities in the retail industry

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Retailers have long worked with consumer financing providers to extend credit to their customers. However, when the industry is examined by sector, it is clear that primary lending providers serve some parts of today’s retail market more effectively than others.

Recent consumer financing innovations have created an opportunity to extend credit to a wider range of customers. Seeing an opportunity, some forward-thinking retailers have moved quickly to expand financing beyond primary lenders with non-traditional solutions.

Based on exclusive research conducted by First Annapolis Consulting, this report will take a deep dive into macro-level credit trends in each sector, and expose opportunities for retailers to get ahead of the competition. Learn how this new approach has been gaining in popularity among retailers and how you too can take advantage of it.

  • Data on financing volume penetration compared to total sales by retail sector

  • How the retail consumer financing market has evolved to meet changing consumer demands

  • Who the key lending players are and a look at their economic models

  • Recent technology & lending innovations in retail credit that early-adopters are taking advantage of

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