Credit & Customer Happiness: A Winning Duo

The modern retail executive's guide to understanding credit and its impact on sales and customer satisfaction. 

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When making major life purchases, like houses or cars, consumers typically use credit. But what happens when consumers seek to purchase other big-ticket items? Today’s shoppers seek choice and control when making purchases—not just in what they buy but also in how they pay. This may not be a surprise but nearly half of shoppers say they specifically seek out retailers that offer credit options for big-ticket purchases. That’s a significant portion of the population that has credit top of mind. 

The good news is due to recent technology innovations, there are now uncomplicated ways for executives to empower more customers with greater purchasing power. This report will cover: 

  • Why many customers are still being declined for credit today

  • The value in connecting more customers with credit options

  • How building customer loyalty and credit are connected

  • A deep dive into financing technology and what to look for in your credit program

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