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A 3 part digital series featuring Forrester Research Analyst, Sucharita Kodali. 


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Let's face it. Whether you are a $100M high-growth retailer or a $1B one, there is room for improvement in your online shopping experience. 

To uncover the latest actionable insights to help you engage & delight shoppers, we reached out to leading ecommerce analyst, Sucharita Kodali, VP & Principal Analyst of Forrester Research for a 3-part Ted-style digital series.  Each 15 minute episode is filled with take-aways that you can use immediately to drive revenue. Register now to get all 3 episodes. 

Episode 1: eCommerce Metrics That Matter 

One of the greatest advantages of selling online is the plethora of available data, but what metrics should you really be paying attention to and how do yours compare? Forrester will share the latest industry averages on eCommerce conversion, checkout abandonment, mobile penetration, customer satisfaction, and more to help you assess where you stand against your competition. 

Episode 2: Your Checkout Pain Points: Solved 

We all know more than half of shoppers who put items in their online cart never complete their transactions but what can be done about it?  Until now,  the checkout experience has been fairly undifferentiated from retailer to retailer but that’s no longer the case. Join us to hear more about new and easy-to-implement tools to convert more browsers to buyers.  

Episode 3: Post Checkout Loyalty-Drivers You Are Probably Overlooking  

Have you exhausted all your possible promotion avenues? This webinar will give you ideas to help engage your customers beyond the never-ending discounts and deals.  Learn how other retailers think about unconventional approaches to loyalty and retention programs.

Guest Speaker, Sucharita Kodali

Sucharita serves digital business strategy professionals at Forrester Research. She is an expert on eCommerce, omnichannel retail, consumer behavior, and trends in the online shopping space. She is also an authority on technology developments that affect the online commerce industry and vendors that facilitate online marketing and merchandising.

In her research, Sucharita covers such consumer-oriented topics as eCommerce forecasting and trends, merchandising best practices, conversion optimization, and social computing in the retail world. She has also authored "The State Of Retailing Online," a joint study conducted annually with NRF.

Prior to Forrester, Sucharita was the director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she managed the customer acquisition, retention, and market research efforts for the $2 billion luxury retailer's online channel. Prior to Saks, she held management positions at Toys R Us, where she was a merchant in the Babies R Us division and a store manager in one of the company's largest toy stores.

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